Testimonials by clients

Our family is so glad we have a new addition! What a wonderful decision to have a puppy from Irwin's Dog House. We desired an extra special puppy to go with the other two dogs that we adore. We are overjoyed with the M-Ki. He looked so cute in the pictures and he warmed our hearts even more when we met him in person. He is delightful and well-adjusted. We wanted a puppy from someone that is considerate and trustworthy. The sellers are kind and they treat their dogs and puppies with love and respect. We hope to be friends with them for many years to come.

I am blessed to have found Irwin's Dog House. The Mi-Ki puppy as a wonderful addition to our family. He is healthy, lively, sweet, and loads of fun. The buying process was simple and a tremendous value for the joy our little one has brought us. The vet indicated he is very healthy and well cared for. I recommend Irwin's Dog House to all my friends and family.

Seller was wonderful enough to meet me 1/2 way from my vacation area, and able to change their plans as mine did with no complaints. The puppy, a Miki, was even cuter than the picture posted. Every question I asked was answered in a prompt manner and said they would help me with any other questions I might have. All vaccinations were done, the puppy is healthy. I would happily purchase another puppy from this seller because my daughter now wants one of her own, when she is responsible enough. Thank you so much Julie

We found our dog on the Irwins Doghouse website. We can't say enough about the owners and have found them to be extremely customer service oriented....they actually accompanied our little 3 pound Mi-ki dog on the plane from Kansas City to Ohio to deliver him to us due to cold weather conditions. Whenever we have had any questions or concerns, we always know that we can email the owners and they respond to our concerns within a few hours.
We have fallen in love with our little Jo-Jo, a 3 mo. old Mi-ki. He has the sweetest personality and it's hard to believe that we have a puppy around the house. We have had him for 5 days now and haven't heard him whimper once. He sleeps all night long and is doing remarkable with potty-training. This speaks highly of how the owners have taken the time to work with these puppies before they are purchased. We would highly recommend these breeders and the high quality of puppies that they raise. We had our first Vet appointment and our little Jo-Jo is in excellent health and we are looking forward to many years of enjoyment with him.
Becky and Brian Paskvan

Bowling Green, Ohio

Sarge in Charge
Just wanted to leave a note about Irwins Dog house. We bought Sarge from Irwins Dog House for our dad. Sarge is a beautiful little Mi Ki. My dad took Sarge to his vet just to let them become aquanited. His vet was very impressed with the records Irwins Dog House keeps for their puppies. Sarge was given a healthy bill of approval from his new vet.
Dealing with the Teresa was a pleasure. She answered all questions promptly before and after acquiring Sarge. The day I was to meet the Irwins half way to pick up Sarge, my computer at work started flaking out on me and we all know how important them things have become in the business world. I was frantically trying to get everything backed up just in case it totally went out, The Irwins brought him all the way to our shop. I was able to surprise my dad the next day with his new bundle of joy.
My mom runs a business from her home and she shows Sarge off to everyone, Dad called and said they need to start checking everyone's pockets before they leave the house. Sarge has a great personality and everyone just falls in love with him instantly.
Sarge has taken over the house and has become a sock thief. He is living up to his name Sarge in Charge!
Kim Baze
Lone Jack, MO

My new baby
I Want To Thank Teresa For The New Addition To My Home. A Very Happy, Healthy Puppy Is What I Was Handed. He Is Even More Loving Than I Expected. Jo-Jo's Disposition SpeaksVolumes Of How He Was Taken Care Of. My Husband And I Are Looking Very Forward To Many Years Of Enjoyment From And With Him. My House Is Blessed With Our Beautiful Baby.

Thank you so much Irwin’s Doghouse for providing me with such an amazing labradoodle puppy. I was a little hesitant about going to a breeder for a dog because I have always been weary of the practices of breeders. But this is not your typical breeder! Very small and very personal. Where I still love the idea of adopting a pet from a local shelter, with this dog I had specific criteria I needed to meet. I was looking for a dog that had a great demeanor. Gentle, yet playful. Low-shed and hypoallergenic. My hope is to eventually be able to bring him to work with me to help cheer up the families of sick or injured children. Irwin’s Doghouse has exceeded my expectations. Hank (as we elected to call him) is so sweet. It is very obvious that he has been socialized very well. In fact, Teresa informed me that the night they were born, both her and her husband stayed awake with the puppies all night so they were familiar with human touch from the very beginning. Then, as they got older, they were socialized with their 15 grandchildren! I have potty trained puppies before and I was prepared for nights of crying and howling in his crate as he got used to the idea. Well…not Hank. Hank gladly goes into his crate to nap and doesn’t whine at all. He lets me know when he needs to go potty and actually goes right away when I take him outside. He loves to cuddle on our laps and play fetch with his ball (well, more like chase the ball at this point, but we are working on it). He follows both me and my daughter around like a baby duck so bonding was very easy. Finally, we took our Hank to the vet the day after we got him for a quick check up and he was very impressed. He was current on all shots and has already been microchipped. The vet said that Hank is in perfect health and had a very very good demeanor for such a young puppy. I can’t say enough good things about Irwin’s Doghouse, but I will close by saying that we are so appreciative to them for raising such a loving companion for us. We are in love!
Angela Huntington | Director of Family Services